Since I have a pilot’s license (private pilot, single engine, land) for fixed-wing aircraft, looking at the leading edge of the wing made me think about the concept of “lift” that allows airplane to fly and how similar it is to getting someone to intentionally initiate desired change in their life.

The difference in pressure between the bottom surface and top surface of the wing results in more pressure at the bottom and less pressure at the top, pushing the wing upward, creating lift.

So how can you create lift in your own life?

Just like an airplane wing, when you desire to intentionally initiate change in your life, you have to move forward past the current leading edge of your own environment to overcome obstacles you may be crashing into either energetically or physically. As you are creating lift in your life you are actually increasing the frequency of your vibrational offering.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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