the edge of a long white line

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I have been coaching a middle school cross country team this fall.

This past Monday afternoon, we had our own invitational in a city park.

On Sunday, I went to the park with the high school coach and my daughter and we painted a 1.5 mile long line with white paint.  It took several hours of effort to paint the line.

The white line marks course the cross country runners follow through the park.

We had a permit to hold the cross country meet in the park and paint the line on the grass.

However the city park grass cutting crew did not receive a copy of our permit.

So on Monday morning, the morning before the meet, they mowed the grass in the park and mowed away almost all of our white line.

We had to station most of the high-school cross country team around the course so they could give course directions to our middle school runners since most of our white line was gone.

So what is your edge of your own long white line?

Have you had something you spent a long time on, “mowed down” by someone else.

Did they “mow it down” with their actions or their words?

How did you recover from your lost efforts?

We recovered by having my daughter lead start to finish and win the girls race.  All the girls followed her through the park.

We recovered by having the top boy runner on my team lead start to finish and win the boys race.  All the boys followed him through the park as well.

My girls and boys teams both finished second out of nine teams in each race.

A very nice result after our own white line and all our efforts were mowed away.

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