the edge of being at the helm of your own ship

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There is an interesting program on the Hudson River in New York called “Young Women at the Helm. (YWH).

The program takes 20-25 young women annually for a three-day adventure on the Hudson River on an old sailing ship, the Clearwater.

The Clearwater was launched in 1969 and is a replica modeled after the Dutch sailing vessels that actually sailed the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The YWH web-site states “Studies have shown that young women’s self-esteem tends to plummet in their mid teens, and we use the platform of our Sailing Classroom to counteract that tendency.”

“One of the goals of the YWH program has been to involve participants in activities that challenge them physically and mentally and introduce them to women who have succeeded in careers considered non-traditional for women.”

Each of the young women learns leadership skills through the various aspects of sailing a very old and large sailing vessel with canvas sails.

Each young woman also gets a turn at the actual helm of the Clearwater as the Captain of the ship.

Many of the young women have indicated that the YMH was life changing experience for them, giving them more confidence and helping them understand what it takes to be leader instead of just a follower.

So what is your edge of being at the helm of your own ship?

Even though it would be fun be at the helm of an actual sailing vessel, you do not have to actually go sailing.

Are you at the helm of your own ship at this very moment?

Or has something or somone taken control of your helm?

Do you need to mutiny to regain control of your own helm?

If you are at the helm, how are you steering?

The way you steer is based on your belief systems, your points of view, your attitudes, your fears and your life experiences.

Is your ship sailing the open seas or is it tied up in port collecting barnacles?

There is an old quote that says “A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for…”

What actions would it take for you to leave port and sail the open seas again?

I am at the helm of my own ship sailing the open seas.   Wave to me as you sail by…

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

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