the edge of swimming across america

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How would you react to being told you could no longer do something that you absolutely loved to do?

Something that was part of your identity, part of the fabric of who you really are.

That is exactly what happened to Kimberly Stevens of Evanston, Illinois.

Kimberly is a swimmer.  A world-class swimmer.  A champion swimmer.

She was a high-school champion swimmer in Illinois.

She was a Big Ten Champion, a Big Ten Record holder, and a two time All American swimmer at the University of Iowa.

She was a past champion at the Alcatraz Sharkfest open water swim, swimming from Alcatraz island across San Francisco bay in 54 degree water.

As a U.S. Master Swimmer, she has won many championships and her race times still make her one of the fastest female swimmers in the world.

In 2010, Kimberly was overcome by a rouge wave, a disease that caused her to have a double mastectomy.

Her doctors told her that since most of her pectoral (chest) muscles had been removed, she might not be able to ever swim again.

Kimberly was not about to let that rouge wave stop her from swimming.  Absolutely not!

She not only returned to the pool, but also back to the top of the masters swimming world swimming times almost as fast as before her double mastectomy.

“If you persevere long enough, you conquer.” – Kimberly Stevens

Kimberly has literally swam enough miles in her life to swim across America.

So what is your edge of swimming across America?

How far would you swim to overcome a rouge wave in your life?

Would you try to swim three miles in very cold 66 degree water in Lake Michigan?

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Kimberly Stevens will do just that.

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of her body being free of the disease that came with the rouge wave, Kimberly is going to swim those 3 miles in Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Kimberly is swimming to celebrate her life, to make waves and to raise money for a charitable organization called “Swim Across America.”

If you would like to cheer Kimberly on or donate to her personal fundraising effort, please visit her Swim Across America page.

Her goal is to raise $5000.  A celebration of $1000 for every year her body has been free of that disease that came with that rouge wave and almost caused her to sink to the bottom.

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