the edge of what would you do?

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This past weekend I went to pick up a prescription for my mom.

My mom also asked me to buy her a booklet of postage stamps.

A booklet of stamps currently costs $9.80 USD.

I was chatting with the pharmacist and saw him drop the stamps in the bag with my mom’s prescriptions.

Something did not feel right to me as I walked to my car.  So I looked into the bag.

Instead of a single booklet of stamps, the pharmacist had thrown in a whole package of stamps which included 50 individual booklets of stamps wrapped in an unopened cellophane package.

So for the $9.80 I paid, I was accidentally given $490 worth of stamps (50 x $9.80).

So what do you think I did?

What is your edge of what would you do?

Would you keep the stamps?  Or would you return them?

What do you think the energetic effect of keeping stamps would have been in your life?

Do you believe in karma?

Would you have taken the chance to send out 1000 letters (20 stamps per booklet x 50 booklets) with the stamps and tempted fate?  Or not?

What do think the Universe would have sent back your way 1000 different times with a stamp on it?

So, ok what did I do?

I immediately went back into the store and handed the pharmacist the unopened package of booklets of stamps and my sales receipt.

He was stunned at first, then he realized the mistake he made and thanked me several times for being so honest.  The pharmacist told me he would have been personally responsible for the $480+ dollar loss.

I let the pharmacist open the cellophane package and hand me a single booklet of stamps.  He put the rest of the package safely back into the cash register drawer.

I gave that single booklet of stamps to my mother with her perscriptions.

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