Attitude is defined as “a way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”

So are you going through your day with a positive attitude or a negative attitude? How does your attitude affect the people around you? Is your attitude infectious or contagious?

ne morning, one of the baristas, an older African American lady asked me, how I was doing? So I smiled and said “Fabulous!” That same barista asked the same question for five days in a row during her morning shift and my answer was always the same, a smile, and me saying I was “Fabulous!”

That week, I become “Mr. Fabulous.”

From that point forward all the baristas called me Mr. Fabulous, whenever I walked into Starbucks. When I would enter Starbucks in the morning, one or more baristas would always say, “Here comes Mr. Fabulous!”

I was tested from time-to-time, by new baristas or baristas that worked there a long time to see if I would ever say anything different. I did not. My response was always the same, a smile and saying I was feeling fabulous.

My attitude as Mr. Fabulous included charisma. The vibration of charisma emits waves of energy that attract to you people, situations, and events. The vibration of charisma allows you to tap into authentic self and makes you an energy magnet.

Positive attitudes can be both infectious and contagious, but so can negative attitudes. So be careful which attitudes you project to infect the people around you and make contagious.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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