Podcast: Magic and Manifestation

Podcast: Magic and Manifestation

Magic, is defined as “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.”

If you have ever been to a magic show, when a magician does a magic trick, the magician often says “abracadabra.”

It is not clear where the word, abracadabra, originated. However, one origin of the word is thought to be from the Aramaic language. The Amarmic language is a language was that spoken during the lifetime of Jesus Christ.

The word “abracadabra” in Aramaic is thought to have a meaning of “it will be created in my words.”

Manifestation, is defined as “the act of calling into existence from the energetic realms, a desired reality, or a presence of something and making that something apparent on the earth plane.”

Many mind-body-spirit practitioners consider manifestation to be the magic for co-creating the life they truly desire.

To successfully manifest anything into your life you need to apply your own “magic” powers in two places, in the energetic realm (e.g., with meditation, intentions, declarations, etc.) and on the earth plane (e.g., with physical actions, etc.).

So how can you use your own magic to manifest what you desire?

You can always use your own magic to create a positive impact in your own life and manifest the life you truly desire.

I am use my own magic to manifest what I desire. How about you?


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