Jerry Kramer played the offensive line for the Green Bay Packers teams in the 1960’s and was sharing a story about being yelled at by coach Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Green Bay Packers at the time. When Coach Lombardi was yelling at Jerry for doing something incorrectly in practice or a game Jerry would frequently be “checking his shoeshine.” Or in other words, sitting there looking down at his feet and being discouraged.

Coach Lombardi caused Jerry Kramer to to check his shoeshine because he was not concentrating on what he was doing.

In one incident during practice Coach Lombardi said to Jerry Kramer:

Mr., the concentration period of a college student is 5 minutes, high school is 3 minutes and kindergarten is 30 seconds, you do even have that, so where does that put you?


That incident caused Jerry Kramer to go into the locker room and “check his shoeshine.”

So what is your concentration time period?

Are Coach Lombardi’s time periods still accurate? Where they accurate in the 1960’s when he made the assertions?

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