the edge of Badger pride


The University of Wisconsin basketball team has made the championship game in the 2015 NCAA National Basketball Championship.

The Badgers upset the Kentucky Wildcats in the semi-final game.  A Kentucky team that was 38-0.

This is the first time the Badgers are playing in the national basketball championship game since 1941.

I was watching a news conference yesterday with Badger Coach Bo Ryan on ESPN.

Coach Ryan indicated how one of the first things he does before a tournament game is look at the faces and the body language of the people in the crowd and the players to see how happy they are.

He also indicated how a winning team can affect the mood of so many people in a positive way because they make an emotional investment in their favorite team.

I am a two time graduate of the University of Wisconsin (BS and JD degrees).  So yes, I cheer for the Badgers.

So what is your edge of sports pride?

What is your edge of making an emotional investment in your favorite sports team?

Does it make any difference to you if your team wins or loses?

Are you happier if they win?

I live in SE Wisconsin and have noticed a large number people wearing Wisconsin shirts, hats and jackets.  Everywhere I look I see cardinal (red) and white.  The colors of UW.

I have noticed that people do seem happier.  I see people being very exicited, smiing and saying, “how about those Badgers!”

Win or lose the championship game, the Badger basketball team has generated alot of Badger pride in Wisconsin and nationwide.

On Wisconsin!

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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