the edge of being a message in bottle

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I was talking to a female acquaintance this week and she told me that when she puts a profile up on a dating site, she considers her profile being a “message in a bottle.”

She writes a note (her profile) about what kind of partner she is looking for, puts it in a bottle (her login identifier) and tosses the bottle into the ocean (searchable profiles by login id on the dating web-site) including the tens of thousands of other daters.  She is hopeful that her bottle will “wash up” on the virtual shore of her desired partner, he will open it, read her message, contact her and personally interact with her.

Her comments made me think about something.  Her analogy about being a “message in a bottle” is how most of us go through life, our own unique message stuck and isolated in our own bottle floating around some kind of personal ocean we live life in.

We are all here to accomplish something extraordinary based on our own unique soul plan.  Yet, we isolate ourselves from others and trap ourselves in our own bottle based on our life experiences, our belief systems, our relationships and our interactions with our friends and family.

Our own bottles travel around stuck in the currents of energy that govern our lives. Our own bottles keep our own unique messages physically, emotionally and spiritually isolated and prevent others from seeing and experiencing our true authentic selves.

Some of our bottles are opaque so no one can see our message at all.  Some of our bottles are colorful, so our message is only seen through some kind of filter.  Some of our bottles are clear so our message can be seen, but still keeps us isolated from others.

So what is your edge of being a message in a bottle?

Did you ever realize that you were going through life as a “message in a bottle?”

What kind of bottle is your message in?  Is it clear, opaque, or does it have a color? Is your bottle glass or plastic?

What is your message, the unique message that is your true, authentic and genuine self that you need to share with the world outside your own bottle?

Are you waiting for someone to open your bottle or can you open it yourself?

My own clear glass bottle just washed up on the beach and I removed my message.  I no longer need that bottle, so I am smashing it.

I am going to live my own unique message outside my bottle.

How about you?

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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