the edge of being the talent


I was interviewed for an article for a business magazine this week.

The magazine also requested I provide a number of photographs to be used in association with the article.

I called a friend of mine, Kevin P., who is a photographer for a local newspaper and hired him to take the pictures.

Since it is the middle of winter around here, we met at a local university to shoot the pictures inside.

A location that provided both good lighting and visual interest to the pictures.

So yesterday, I was “the talent.”

I was being photographed in several different locations with a large number of college students around.

Colleges students who were gawking at me, making fun of me and trying to photo bomb me all at the same time.

So what is your edge of being “the talent?”

Are you comfortable being photographed or filmed?

Can you do it in a very public setting?

Can you do it with alot of distractions?

I am not sure why, I was very comfortable with posing for the photographs in spite of all the distractions.

I thought all of the pictures turned out great.  I have included two of the pictures above.

I will provide a link in this blog to a digital copy of the magazine once the article is published.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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