the edge of dying empty


This weekend I was watching the 2014 NFL Hall of Fame Induction speeches.

All of the inductees gave inspiring speeches.

The speeches of the inductees were about their journeys.

How they survived various hardships and got to the end point of being inducted in the pro football Hall of Fame.

I was particularly inspired by the speech of Aeneas Williams.

He was a corner back and safety for the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

One of the things he said in his speech several times was “begin with an end in mind” and “die empty.”

In fact, he asked the crowd at the ceremony to shout out both statements.

Almost all successful people set and re-set goals in their life.  That is, they “begin with an end in mind.”

Mr. Williams indicated that one of his life’s missions was to get people to “die empty.”

He was trying to encourage others to understand “the only way to succeed in any endeavor is to give everything that you have — until there is nothing left to give.”

What is your edge of dying empty?

Are you so passionate about what you are doing right now that you will give it everything you have until there is nothing left to give?

Does your passion include doing something that will make a difference or initiate a positive change?

If not, what action steps can you take right now to begin with a new “end in mind” so you too can “die empty?”

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Co-author of the award-winning book:  The Plastic Effect:  How Urban Legends Influence the Use and Misuse of Credit Cards.