the edge of influence


This week I began a new 40 week class called Become a Key Person of Influence.  It is a class for experienced entrepreneurs.

The class is based on a best selling book of the same name by Daniel Priestley.  

One of the instructors is Kevin Harrington, infomercial guru and panelist on the TV show The Shark Tank.

Another one of the instructors is Forbes Riley.  She is an actress, spokesperson and inventor of the Spin Gym.  She frequently sells products on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and QVC.

Kevin Harrington and Forbes Riley individually have both sold over  $1Billion worth of products.  (Thats Billion with a “B”).

I had the unique opportunity to spend Friday, 7.19.13 in the private production studio of Forbes Riley, in St. Petersburg, Florida for the class.

She is an incredible instructor and extremely passionate about what she does.   She is also an instructor that does not allow anyone to make excuses for not participating.

Key people of interest are well connected, well respected, well regarded and highly valued.

You don’t have to have sold $1B dollars worth of products to be a “key person of influence.”

Are you a key person of influence in your family? Your job?  Your community?

If not what would it take?

What would it take for you to become more connected?  More respected?  More valued?

What would you have to change?  What action steps would you have to take?

Out There on the Edge of Everything…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD