the edge of the river STYX


The STYX is a river from Greek Mythology at the boundary edge between the Earth and the Underworld.

The rock bank STYX performed last night 7.2.13 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the annual Summerfest music festival.  I was there to catch the show.

STYX is a rock band from the 1970’s.  At the show last night, the band members were reflecting on how they created albums of songs on vinyl records.

To promote their music, they took a whole album to radio stations and asked DJ’s to play the whole album.  In those days, there was no Internet or iPods or digital downloads.  Music was promoted and played on radio stations.

Most rock bands at the time took only single songs or “singles” to the DJ’s.  The rock band’s success or failure was often determined by how popular their “single” was.

The boys from STYX wanted the DJ’s to play a whole album side, since there songs told a series of stories.  They also felt more people would be interested in their music, and buy more records, if they were able to hear more than one isolated song played as a single.

They created a new edge for music, a new way music was viewed and played on the radio at that time.  STYX become on of the most successful rock bands in history.

What is your life event edge?  Is your life defined by a “single” story that you tell over and over, that keeps you stuck or trapped?

Or is it defined by a “series of stories,” like an album side?

Tommy Shaw, one of the lead singers and guitarists of STYX, performed a song called Crystal Ball at the show on a 12 string acoustic guitar.  A very soulful performance.

The words of the song in part reflect Tommy Shaw’s desire to find a crystal ball to look into his future to get clarity for his life.

So if you could find a crystal ball, would you use to look into your future?  What if you did not like what you saw?  Would you accept it?

Or would you instead want to actively participate in the co-creation of your own future, the way you actually want it to look?

Out There on the Edge of Everything…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD