Free E-book: Successfully Surfing the Chaos of Change


An “edge” is place of contrast, a place of chaos, where boundaries are visible and encountered. 

Change occurs at life’s edges. 

Change events can be unwanted or intentionally initiated in your life.

Unwanted change occurs at edges in your life such as a breakup, divorce, death, loss of a job, a change in living situation, etc. Intentional change occurs when voluntarily initiate create new edges and new boundaries in your life such as a marriage, birth, new job, new living situation, etc.

This e-book provides you with simple ‘how to’ information for successfully surfing the chaos of change that is occurring in your own life.

This e-book provides you with new insights into those life situations caused by unwanted and intentional change that cause so much anxiety and stress. I have taken the word CHANGE and provided 6 lessons for to you to integrate into your own life and successfully surf the chaos of change.

Each lesson includes a declaration you can say daily to anchor the concept taught by each lesson into your own consciousness.

  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Attraction
  • Navigate
  • Growth
  • Empowerment


Includes 14 pages and links to additional resources.

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