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Podcast: Gratitude or Appreciation?

Are the words appreciation and gratitude different?  Many people use the words interchangeability. However, are they really interchangeable? “Appreciation” is defined as “recognition and enjoyment of the value and good qualities of someone or...

Podcast: Are You a Message in a Bottle?

 I was talking to a female acquaintance who is single and she told me that when she puts a profile up on a dating site, she considers her profile being a “message in a bottle.” She writes a note (her profile) about what kind of partner she is...

Podcast – Why 3 is greater than 2

Just like in a basketball game, in your own life you have a three point arc called your major life arc, which defines your own comfort zone.  To initiate any change you desire or embrace and cope with events associated with undesired change in...

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