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Sometimes You Need a Different Shovel

Photo by S. Lesavich Let me tell you another true story. A friend of mine, who I will call Tom, took a summer job with a company that was an asphalt paving contractor. Asphalt is a black tar-like substance that is used to cover surfaces. The...

Podcast: Can You Pull The Silver Handle?

For a static line parachute jump, your parachute is hooked up to the airplane by a strap.  The jumpmaster opens the door of the airplane.  You step out and hold on the wing strut. When you are ready, you just let go.  As you fall the...

Podcast: Sometimes You Need a Different Shovel

You don’t need to be using an actual physical tool like a “shovel” to apply the lessons of this story to your life. The lessons can be applied to just about any situation in your life, your job, your relationships, your daily interactions with...

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