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Podcast – Positive Impact Global Inspiration Project – Letter 13 – “C”

Letter C: Compassion Compassion is defined as ” a feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. “ The mind-body-spirit practice of compassion includes opening your heart and connecting to others who are suffering. Out There on the Edge of…

Podcast – Positive Impact Global – Inspiration Project – Letter-11 -“P“ –

Letter P: Personal Peace Peace is defined as “is a stress-free state of stillness, security and calmness, everything co-existing in perfect harmony.” To reach a state of personal peace, you must make an inward connection to yourself. Personal peace is independent of external states, circumstances and conditions. Personal peace is independent…

Podcast – Positive Impact Global – Inspiration Project – Letter-10 -“M“

Letter M: Magic and Manifestation. Many mind-body-spirit practitioners consider manifestation to be the magic for co-creating the life you truly desire. To successfully manifest anything into your life you need to apply your own “magic” powers in two places, in the energetic realm (e.g., with meditation, intentions, declarations, etc.) and on…

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