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Trust is defined as “an instinctive, unquestioning belief in, faith in and reliance upon, something for which a desired outcome is not certain.”

When an outcome in any life situation you are facing is uncertain and includes circumstances beyond what you can control, you must have trust.

Trust has never been more important when unwanted change occurs.

Take a look at the picture above. This picture captures a mountain peak in the distance obscured by fog. Assume that mountain peak is the current outcome you desire.

There is a path on the left hand side of the picture running toward the mountain peak that eventually fades into the fog and is no longer visible at all. There is also another path along the right hand side of the picture to the mountain peak that runs through the developed area that is partially obscured by the fog.

Just like in the picture, at some point on your journey through life on your own soul path you enter into a “fog” which totally obscures your visibility about a situation you are encountering.

Such a situation requires you trusting you will get the outcome your desire even though cannot see, feel, touch, hear or taste it, at that moment because your visibility about it, is totally obstructed.

Just like in the picture, you may make an impulsive decision without fully trusting that everything will end up, ok.

You may make an impulsive decision based on information from your ego instead of your intuition, because you feel you have some partial visibility about how to obtain the outcome you desire.

In such a scenario, you could wander off your path and “fall off a steep cliff” that will make your situation worse and prevent you from ever obtaining the outcome you desire.

When you trust, you open yourself up to the energy of a Higher Power, an energy field based in part on the vibration of love and one in which all things are possible and happen in ways you can never imagine.

Trust requires you to have faith in and a belief in a Higher Power and at the same time a faith and belief within yourself and your first sense, your intuition that the outcome you desire will happen, even though you cannot currently experience it with your other five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Trust is not something that ever provides a guaranteed outcome. 

Trust instead requires being open to what the final outcome is, and that final outcome is in your best interest and for your highest good.

A large number of people are feeling a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety. If you are feeling fear and anxiety, it is easy to get stuck in an emotional loop that makes it difficult for you to trust.

Trust helps overcome the personal and collective vibration of fear we all are experiencing.

Trust makes you a victor instead of a victim when the outcome is uncertain.


How can you develop a sense of trust in your own life?

  1. Acknowledge the uncertainty. If you are going to trust, you cannot ignore the uncertainty being caused by unwanted change. You must acknowledge that there are circumstances in current situation that are not under your control. You must acknowledge that any outcome you desire is uncertain. You must acknowledge your feelings the outcome you desire is under the control of a Higher Power and is possible if you place your trust, faith and belief in that Higher Power.
  2. Be open to new circumstance and situations that occur. If you are going to trust, you need to be open to new circumstances and situations that occur. The new circumstances and situations are likely to very different than anything you have experienced so far in your life. These new circumstances and situations are likely going to include things that are outside your current comfort zone, that challenge your existing boundaries and may make your uncomfortable. Unfortunately, your comfort zone and existing boundaries may no longer exist. If you trust the final outcome to your current situation will be for your highest good, you must open to receive the new circumstances and situations that go along with that final outcome.
  3. Take responsibility for things you can control. In any situation that requires trust, you must take responsibility for things you can control. One of the things you can control is your attitude. Keep an attitude that is based on the positive emotions of courage, hope, peace, love, etc. Avoid attitudes that are based on the negative emotions of anxiety, fear, anger, etc. An attitude based on positive emotions makes it easier for you to take the appropriate actions and make the appropriate decisions to achieve a desired trust based and solution-oriented outcome.

Trusting will create a positive impact in your life and in the lives of anyone you encounter.

Just keep trusting.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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