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An “opportunity” is “a favorable set of circumstances, a chance for advancement or progress.”

An “opportunity” is also “an appropriate or favorable time to accomplish something, or accomplish something new.”

All of you are presented with new opportunities in your life.

Does opportunity really knock?

An opportunity does allow you to go from where you are right now to a new endpoint.

An arc is “a smooth curve joining two endpoints.”

Does your new opportunity allow you to smoothly travel between two endpoints?

When opportunity knocks at your door, how can you evaluate it to determine if it is right for you?

Anytime you are presented with a new opportunity, evaluate it with an “ARC.”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

PODCAST: Does Opportunity Really Knock?

Evaluate the new opportunity with an ARC including your: Attention, Reflection and Connection.

Attention – What kind of attention does the new opportunity require? Do you need to change your attention to focus to something different in your personal life or professional life? Shifting your attention is something you have complete control over. You can choose what you want to pay attention to and how much time you do so. As a result of shifting your attention, you can choose the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions you are giving your attention to, for your new opportunity. Are you willing to give this new opportunity the attention it deserves?

Reflection – Take time to reflect upon how the new opportunity will affect your personal and professional life. Reflect upon your relationships at work, with your significant other, your children, family, friends and even your pets. Will you have to do anything different personally or professionally if you take this new opportunity? How will your relationships and interactions in your personal and your professional life change with your new opportunity? What does your intuition say about your new opportunity? After reflecting on your new opportunity, what are your thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations, priorities and actions going to be moving forward if you act on your new opportunity?

Connection – How will the new opportunity change the way you connect with others in your personal and professional life? Will the new opportunity allow you to connect in your personal life and professional life in a new and meaningful way? Ask your yourself, then your family, friends and professional colleagues questions and truly listen to their answers about how your new opportunity will change your connection with them. Will your new opportunity allow you to make new and beneficial connections in your personal life and professional life? Will your new opportunity also allow you to keep the existing connections that are important to you?

Recognizing evaluating new opportunities using an ARC allows you to make a positive impact in your own life and the life of others.

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