Episode 130

Let me tell you another true story.

In addition to being a life coach, I am an athletic coach. I hold a US National Level One coaching license from USA Track and Field.

When my daughter was in middle school, I was the coach for both the girls and boys cross country team.

Cross country is a running sport in which individuals run races on open-air courses in parks, fields and forested areas.

Virtually all cross country courses include a white line throughout the whole course for the runners to follow.

On a Sunday, I went out with the high school cross country coach and we laid out a 1.5 mile course in the city park as we were hosting a very first middle school invitational.

We marked a 1.5 mile course with white paint directly on the grass in the park.

The next Monday, the grass cutting crew cut the grass and totally erased our 1.5 mile course. I was not told about grass being cut until about an hour before our very first invitational was going to start.

I had to think fast and I used the Improvise, Adapt and Overcome framework and worked the problem to come up with a solution in a few minutes before all the buses started arriving with the middle school cross country teams.

How did I use the Improvise, Adapt and Overcome framework to come up with a solution to the disappearing white line?

Using the Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome framework, will help you create a positive impact in your own life any time you are facing an adverse event.

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