When I was in Los Angeles recently, I was talking to a Hollywood actress who was working on a new movie script. She was sharing with me how she was developing the characters in her script and what their origin story or back-story was in her script.

That made me think about how mind-body-spirit practitioners, life coaches, therapists, etc. try to view and understand the origin story of a person’s life.

One definition of an “origin story” is an account or back-story revealing how a character, or group of people become a protagonist or antagonist and how it adds to the overall interest and complexity of a narrative, often giving reasons for their intentions. An “origin story” or  is also a term used in the study of myths.

In comic book terminology, an “origin story” is an account or back-story revealing how a character or team gained their superpowers and/or the circumstances under which they became superheroes or supervillains.”

Everybody has an origin story that a person adopts and tells it to anyone who will listen.

So how do you change your origin story into something new?

Changing the narrative of your origin story to something new allows you to make a positive impact in your life and the life of others.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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