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Many of you take self-help, personal empowerment, professional development classes and other types of educational classes, that cause you to grow and evolve as a person.

You may also go on retreats during which you gain significant personal, professional and spiritual insights.

Such classes are almost always taken in a group environment where you feel safe, supported, excited and eager to apply what you have learned. Some people actually get addicted to these feelings and just keep taking additional classes on a regular basis, over and over again.

However, when you leave such classes and return to your daily lives, you typically experience an “energetic mood crash” in which start to feel isolated and experience negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, etc. or even depression. You make plans to keep in touch with your classmates to support each other and in most instances, you never do.

The key to applying what you have learned in such classes is to “integrate” the positive knowledge, growth and evolution you have experienced into your daily life and into the person you are in that daily life.

Integration is defined as “the act or process of merging and joining two or more different things, resulting in one new thing, with new traits that attains seamless coordination of all its actions.”

Any new knowledge, growth and evolution you achieve taking such classes, is a higher vibrational energy pattern, that stands out from the other knowledge, growth and evolution, you have previously achieved.

When you take such classes, you need to integrate the “new energy” of your new knowledge, growth and evolution into a whole and new energetic pattern that now defines you and is presented to others, as your integrated, higher energy vibrational offering.

Integration involves making an effort to understand and adjust your actions, attitudes, behaviors, boundaries, feelings and point of view as you return to your daily lives to include the knowledge, growth and evolution you have obtained into who you are.

“Do not hesitate, to integrate!”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

After taking such classes how can you integrate your knowledge, growth and evolution into your life?

Use the 3-R’s approach.  Recognize, Realize and Reorganize, yourself.

  1. Recognize what you learned. To integrate your new knowledge, growth and evolution into your new life, you need to have a clear understanding of what you have learned and how it will affect your actions, attitudes, behaviors, boundaries, feelings and point of view, moving forward. You are not the same person anymore, so you cannot act, feel and behave the same way you did in the past. Staying present provides a new and deep sense of guidance for navigating through life as a new integrated person.
  2. Realize there will be resistance. Your ego will likely create resistance to change and prevent you from fully integrating the knowledge, growth and evolution you have just achieved. Remember, “what you resists, persists.” The resistance typically comes from trying to change your familiar, well-established and deeply ingrained energetic patterns. Learn to recognize such resistance when it occurs and adjust your actions, attitudes, behaviors, boundaries, feelings and point of view accordingly to overcome it.  As a result, people in your life, such as family, friends and acquaintances may resist viewing you in a different way they do not find desirable and fade away or leave your life altogether.
  3. Reorganize yourself. During integration your whole human structure including your mind, body, spirit and personality, are reorganized into something new, a new “empowered,” confident person. Being “empowered” is being in direct control of your own life, setting intentions, living from an active, pro-active state and making decisions based on positive emotions for what you want to achieve and then being responsible for the outcomes of your decisions. Such reorganization also causes your boundaries, interests and relationships to change. This can be disorienting and cause extreme confusion and the generation of negative feelings. Reorganization of yourself is one situation where you may need to seek the help of mentors, coaches, friends, family, etc. during the process of integration. Such confusion is temporary as you step into the new knowledge, growth and evolution, you have just achieved.

Integration using the 3-R’s approach creates self-awareness, a feeling of wholeness, and expands your consciousness to create a positive impact in your life.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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