Episode 96

To maintain my law license I am required to take 30 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE’s) to keep up on recent changes in the law. I was watching a CLE video where I heard something interesting.

The instructor in that CLE video said, the average person with average concentration and an average attention span hears only about 60% of all the words that are said to them and they retain only about 10% of what they hear. Therefore, they learn only about 6% (60/10) of what they hear.

Coach Vince Lombardi the coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 1960’s said to Hall of Fame Player Jerry Kramer:

“Mr., the concentration period of a college student is 5 minutes, high school is 3 minutes and kindergarten is 30 seconds, you don’t even have that, so where does that put you?”



People with a short attention span have trouble focusing on tasks for any length of time without being easily distracted.

So what techniques can you use to improve your attention span and your concentration time period?

Increasing your attention span and your concentration period helps make a positive impact in your life.

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