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Carlos Santana, the famous Latin American guitarist tells this story in association with his new movie, “Carlos: The Santana Journey.

Carlos was in a park with his mom in Tijuana, Mexico, when he was a young boy where a band was playing and the band had a specific sound and tone.

When Carlos heard that sound and tone from the band, he said:

 “I just knew THIS was all I was going to be the rest of my life.”

Carlos Santana

He went on to say:

“THIS is who I AM.  Esto es lo que soy.”

Carlos Santana

At that moment, Carlos found his soul’s purpose, his calling in this lifetime.

What is a “soul purpose?”

Your soul’s purpose is defined as “your unique frequency of energy in the Universe, a true and authentic expression of who you really are, what you came into this lifetime to be, become and accomplish.”

In the case of Carlos Santana, his soul purpose was to be a musician who became a famous guitarist and a creator of an original variety of Latin rock music.

This inspired me to ask this.

Have you experienced a defining moment in your life like Carlos Santana?

If not, how do you find and recognize your soul’s purpose?

  1. Ask the question.   Sit quietly with your eyes closed place both hands over your heart and ask the question, “What is my soul’s purpose?”  Experience the answer with all six of your senses in an initial state of awareness, focused on your heart.  The first thing that will happen is that you will receive insights from your first sense, your intuition. Your intuition often shows you symbols.  Your intuition and your other five senses are not aligned in time and are out of sync in time. After a short delay in time, a second or two, you will receive insights on your other five senses. Shift your state of awareness to your physical body.  What do you see, hear, smell, taste or touch?  For example, imagine your soul purpose is to be an architect. Your intuition may first show you an image of a building.  Your other five senses may then allow you to see the interior of a building you designed, hear people talking about your architectural style, etc.
  2. Determine what feelings are generated.  After asking the question, what is my soul’s purpose?, you will feel emotions in your body that will generate feelings. Emotions are defined as “bodily reactions that are activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by the brain.” Feelings are defined as “a conscious experience or conscious state of emotional reactions.”  Your soul’s purpose will create warm, loving, light, joyful emotions in your chest and around your heart.  Your soul’s purpose will create calm feelings of clarity, distinctness and leave you in an empowered state.
  3. Embrace your soul’s purpose.  After you have determined what your soul’s purpose is, embrace it 100%. When you embrace your soul’s purpose you willingly and enthusiastically accepting it as who you are. When you embrace your soul’s purpose you come into alignment with the very best version of you from a heart-based space.  You live every moment of your life from a, graceful, joyful, confident state.  In the movie, Carlos Santana also said this: “Magic is when YOU command the elements to capture the flow of grace.” When you embrace your own soul’s purpose, you “command the elements” to create powerful, meaningful and magical experiences in your own life and in your interactions with others.

Finding, recognizing and embracing your own soul’s purpose will create one of the most power positive impacts in your own life you can experience.

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