Carlos Santana, the famous Latin American guitarist tells this story in association with his new movie, “Carlos: The Santana Journey.

Carlos was in a park with his mom in Tijuana, Mexico, when he was a young boy where a band was playing and the band had a specific sound and tone.

When Carlos heard that sound and tone from the band, he said:

 “I just knew THIS was all I was going to be the rest of my life.”Carlos Santana

He went on to say:

“THIS is who I AM.  Esto es lo que soy.”Carlos Santana

At that moment, Carlos found his soul’s purpose, his calling in this lifetime.

What is a “soul purpose?”

This inspired me to ask this.

Have you experienced a defining moment in your life like Carlos Santana?

If not, how do you find and recognize your soul’s purpose?

Finding, recognizing and embracing your own soul’s purpose will create one of the most power positive impacts in your own life you can experience.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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