What does it take to transform yourself?

A “transformation” is defined as “a process of profound and radical change that orients a person or an organization into a new direction and a new state of being.”

A transformation changes a composition, character or structure of something.

After a transformation occurs, the new composition, character or structure that results has little or no resemblance to the composition, character or structure that existed in the past. 

In mathematics, a transformation is a set of processes that are used to turn, flip, resize or move an entity, such as a shape, to a new position.

In nature, a transformation is the physical changing of something into something else.  For example, a caterpillar into a butterfly and a tadpole into a frog.

During a transformation, it is common to question your own beliefs and seek a deeper understanding of who you are, your purpose in this lifetime and the quality of the people in your life and your relationships with those people in your life.

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What can you do to effectively create a positive transformation in your own life?

  1. Examine Your Own Beliefs.  Take out a pencil or pen and a piece of paper and make a list of what you believe in and what you think is important to you.  What you will likely find is that at least some of the beliefs you thought were important to you and made your life meaningful are no longer valid and cannot be practiced as they were in the present moment and moving forward. Just be aware examining your beliefs may trigger you into a survival mode that generates a state of fear and anxiety and creates resistance to change.  However, this transformation may force you to let go of beliefs you have held for your entire lifetime and adopt a modified or brand new belief system based on a new reality.  A new reality that is emerging and will be dynamically changing for some time period moving forward.
  2. Take Responsibility for Yourself.  During and after this transformation, as your beliefs may change, you will need to start thinking differently, acting differently and living differently as this new reality emerges.  You will need to adapt to conditions of a new reality, a reality that you have never experienced before.  You are the co-creator of your own life through your thoughts, your emotions, your decisions and your actions.  Make a decision right now to take responsibility for yourself in every aspect of your life.
  3. Practice Personal Peace.  Peace is defined as “is a stress-free state of stillness, security and calmness, everything co-existing in perfect harmony.” To reach a state of personal peace, you must make an inward connection to yourself. Personal peace is independent of external states, circumstances and conditions. Personal peace is independent of the chaos in the external world around you. Personal peace is also independent of your ego and is practiced with discernment.  Practicing personal peace will allow you to stay calm and more effectively deal with all the events of all transformations as they occur.

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