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A “right angle” is the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines. A right angle also corresponds to a quarter turn, one quarter of a full revolution.

Stand up and physically turn right one quarter turn.

Turning right physically allows you to view your world from a brand new and different perspective.

What is your current point of view now, after turning right?

What do you see, feel or hear?

Is your point of view any different than before your turned right?

You were likely operating on “autopilot” simply repeating patterns of behavior that were deeply ingrained and very difficult to change without realizing it, how does those repetitive behavior patterns look now that you have turned right?

You were likely stuck in a passive, dis-empowered state, just going with the flow.

You were likely unhappy and just existing day-to-day.

“To make a change in your life, try a new right angle perspective.”


So as you view your life from this new right angle perspective, you are at a crossroads, an intersection between two worlds.

What do you want to change?

What direction do you now want to travel?

What kind of new job, new relationship, new living space do you want to pursue?

PODCAST: A New Right Angle Perspective

What can you do to initiate positive change into your life moving forward from a new right angle perspective?

  1. Gain Clarity Through Contrasts. You live and grow and initiate change by contrasts, by understanding what you do want and contrasting it to what you do not want, or can no longer have. Create a contrast list for yourself so you can create new behavior patterns from your new right angle perspective. Using your contrast list, ask yourself, what are the costs, benefits and risks of adopting a new set of behavior patterns moving forward with a different broader point of view? Your new behavior patterns from this new right angle perspective will lead you from a passive, dis-empowered state to an active, empowered state in which you can grow and thrive.
  2. Direct Solution-Oriented Actions Create New Behavior Patterns.  Create a plan of action that focuses on taking on small achievable steps towards the end goal of changing your current behavior patterns in a positive, solution-oriented manner within your new right angle perspective. Do not spend any time focusing on the environment and circumstances that caused you to get ingrained in your current behavior patterns before your turned right. Leave everything associated with those old behavior patterns and your old reality behind and make new decisions.
  3. Proceed at a New Right Angle Perspective with Confidence. Adopting new behavior patterns at a new right angle perspective require proceeding with confidence from an empowered state.  Confidence is a belief in yourself, the belief that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed and the willingness to act accordingly.  Being “empowered” is being in direct control of your own life, living life in the moment from an active, pro-active state and making decisions based on positive emotions for what you want to achieve and then being responsible for the outcomes of your decisions. 

As you view your own life from a new right angle perspective and changing your old behavior patterns you will make make a positive impact in your own life moving forward.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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