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Are you forward-facing focused?

Or is your focus in some other direction?

Focus is defined as “a state of mind that produces a clear visual definition of what you desire in your life moving forward.”

Forward-facing focus in a person’s life refers to a mindset and practice for listening to your intuition, adapting to change, being innovative and maintaining personal growth over time on the best time-lines available to you.

Forward-facing focus gives you the ability to anticipate and prepare for future needs and directly contributes to success as you define it in your own life.

While forward-facing focus is inherently future-oriented, it also involves a level of mindfulness about the present moment.

Mindfulness about the present moment means actively engaging with current tasks and responsibilities in your life while consistently working on future goals and objectives.

How can you put forward-facing focus into practice in your own life?

  1. Practice visionary thinking.  Forward-facing focus requires you think beyond your immediate horizons, imagining possibilities that might not yet be evident or even exist at the moment.  View yourself from a visionary mindset. Visionaries have the ability to see beyond the minutiae of day-to-day activities.  A visionary mindset gives you a new, broader perspective to observe that is beyond the level at which you are currently experiencing in your own life. Practicing forward-facing focus with a visionary mindset, you can envision a large number of different probable events, people and circumstances that can emerge from the ocean of infinite possibilities into your own reality. 
  2. Adapt a Learning-Based Orientation. Forward-facing focus requires a learning-based orientation. Orientation is all about the direction you are facing.   Adjust your orientation to one of continuous learning.  A learning orientation is a core component of a forward-facing focus mindset. By staying updated with the latest information, knowledge, skills and technologies, you maintain relevance and effectiveness in the evolving environments you are creating with your visionary mindset.  Adapting a learning orientation allows you to learn new transformative ideas and put them into practice in your own life, leading to significant personal growth.
  3. Be Preemptive.  Forward-facing focus requires preemptive behavior.  You take preemptive actions to analyze and mitigate risks and capitalize on upcoming opportunities from your visionary mindset and your learning-based orientation.  Being preemptive, you consider various future scenarios and prepare multiple pathways to reach your future goals and objectives, ensuring resilience, flexibility, sustainability and stability on your journey. Being preemptive allows you to navigate the unpredictable nature of future developments in your forward-facing focus life.

With forward-facing focus, you can create a positive impact in your own life and better position yourself to lead a more fulfilling life.

Forward is the official motto of the State of Wisconsin.

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