Are you forward-facing focused?

Or is your focus in some other direction?

Focus is defined as “a state of mind that produces a clear visual definition of what you desire in your life moving forward.”

Forward-facing focus in a person’s life refers to a mindset and practice for listening to your intuition, adapting to change, being innovative and maintaining personal growth over time on the best time-lines available to you.

Forward-facing focus gives you the ability to anticipate and prepare for future needs and directly contributes to success as you define it in your own life.

While forward-facing focus is inherently future-oriented, it also involves a level of mindfulness about the present moment.

Mindfulness about the present moment means actively engaging with current tasks and responsibilities in your life while consistently working on future goals and objectives.

How can you put forward-facing focus into practice in your own life?

With forward-facing focus, you can create a positive impact in your own life and better position yourself to lead a more fulfilling life.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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