I am sure all of you have been on an interstate highway or a county highway and have seen a car carrier. A car carrier is a type of trailer or semi-trailer designed to efficiently transport multiple passenger vehicles.

Multiple vehicles are loaded on multiple levels of the car carrier trailer.

Actual car carriers are symbolic of how some groups of people travel on their own soul paths on their journey through life.

The car carrier represents a set of collective energy that people are obedient to and are under the control of some other person or some other thing who is energetically driving the car carrier represented by the set of collective energy. Such sets of collective energy include such things family, religious, spiritual, cultural, political and other types of collective energy.

Being part of a set of collective energy that is included in an energetic car carrier means you are living in a passive, dis-empowered state. In most instances you are not making any individual decisions, are not accepting responsibility for any decisions you do make and are not trying to co-create your own life in any way.

So what should you do if have determined your energetic passenger vehicle is parked on one or more energetic car carriers in your life?

Being aware what energetic car carriers your energetic passenger vehicle is parked on can help you make adjustments to make a positive impact in your life.

I am driving my own passenger vehicle, a sports car, model, SXL, how about you?

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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