Episode 101

Let me share a true story with you. When I was going to graduate school, I was working part-time as a bartender. 

These rules for serving alcohol to the public in bars and taverns represented a set of legal “boundaries.” These legal boundaries are similar to our own personal boundaries.

Boundaries include a set of beliefs which include rules and principles you live by, including what you will, or will not, say, do or allow others to say or do to you.

Boundaries allow us to separate what we think, do and feel and separate who we are, from the thoughts, actions and feelings of others.

“A ‘boundary violation’ results in an emotion trigger.”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

A violation of a personal boundary often results in a trigger of negative emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, frustration, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc. 

“What are your boundaries at 12:00 midnight?

Maintaining strong and clear personal boundaries allows you to maintain healthy emotional and physical controls and make a positive impact in your own life.

I still never let anybody buy a “six-pack after 12:00 midnight.” How about you?

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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