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I was recently eating in a restaurant with a military theme. This sign happened to catch my eye.

“The Only Easy Day Yesterday.”

This saying is attributed to the U.S. Navy Seals.

One meaning of the quote is that yesterday was easy, “only because it is already over.”

Seeing that sign triggered a memory for me.

When I started my own law firm as an entrepreneur in 2002, my friend Mike gave me a SHOE comic strip he modified specially for me. I had been scuba diving, sky diving and running with Mike, which were part of his military training.

I was training as a runner seven days a week at that time and I still train at least six days a week now.

My friend Mike modified the SHOE comic strip based on two of the creeds of the Navy Seals: (1) Your training is never complete; and (2) You will NOT fail.

These two things Mike told me came from the U.S. Navy Seals Ethos.

An “ethos” defines a spirit of a culture including its beliefs, ethics and aspirations.

My friend Mike served as a United States Marine and he worked closely with the U.S. Navy during his military career in the Marines. Mike’s father was a career U.S. Marine, fighting in Korea and Viet Nam and also a drill sergeant to train new recruits.

Shoe was an American comic strip about a motley crew of newspapermen, all of whom are birds. It was written and drawn by its creator, cartoonist the late Jeff MacNelly.

This is Shoe comic strip Mike gave me:

Inage: Stephen Lesavich, PhD

For accurate disclosure, I have never been in the military at all anytime in my life and I have no connection at all to the U.S. Navy Seals. However, my dad was a solider in World War II, was hurt in an explosion and was considered a disabled veteran. His twin brother was killed in Italy during World War II. So I have a great respect for those men and women who serve and have served in all branches of the military.

“One of my favorite parts of the U.S. Navy Seals Ethos is: if knocked down, I will get back up, every time. “

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

This philosophy is one of the important components of being an entrepreneur and in my martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do – Ji Do Kwan. I am master instructor, a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In Tae Kwon Do – Ji Do Kwan, we say, “get knocked down eight times, get up nine.”

PODCAST: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

Even as a civilian, you can adopt portions of the U.S. Navy Seal’s Ethos to be successful in your own life. Here are three of my favorites:

  1. Uncompromising integrity is my standard.  The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstances. My unwavering resolve silently guides my every deed.
  2. I expect to lead. I lead by example in all situations. I accept the responsibility of all my decisions, actions and my way of life.
  3. I am expected to innovate. The success of my mission depends directly on my ability to innovate and on my evolutions. My technical skills, tactical proficiency and attention to detail directly lead to my success. My training is never complete.

Semper Fi, Mike. I did not fail.

I celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the founding of my law firm in 2022.

Thank you for reminding me what is important to consider each day.

Adapting and following a portion of the ethos of the U.S. Navy Seals allows you to create a positive impact in your own life.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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