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I was watching ESPN Outside the Lines and they were talking about Bob Beamon.

This story really inspired me.

On October 18, 1968, in the 19th Olympic Games in Mexico City, Bob Beamon jumped 8.90 meters, or 29 feet, 2.5 inches in the long jump, a new world record.

This distance is still an Olympic record in the long jump and one of the oldest Olympic records.

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This event has been the “Leap of the Century” and is also just called “The Jump.”

In “The JumpBeamon advanced the world record by 22 inches. In the previous 33 years before that, the record in the long jump record had advanced by only 9 inches.+

Since 1968, only one person has jumped further in the long jump, 29 feet 4 inches, in the Track and Field World Championships in 1992.

Click here or on the graphic to see the ESPN, Outside the Lines, Video that talks about the “The Jump.”

“The Jump” created a new word in the dictionary, “Beamonesque” which means “a spectacular or remarkable achievement.”

Being “Beamonesque” is doing something that is way beyond your imagination, way beyond the outer limits you believed possible.

Being “Beamonesque” is doing something that fundamentally changes the expectations or perceptions in your life or in particular field.

– Can you achieve a Beamonesque event in your own life?

You can achieve a Beamonesque event in your own life by taking an extraordinary leap that exceeds your expectations by a wide margin that leads to an amazing transformational breakthrough in your personal or professional life.

“If you can get one moment in history in your own life, a second in history, or you can get five seconds in history, that can make a difference. Take it. Grab it. Run with it. Take it, get it while your hot. It may never come again.”

Bob Beamon, 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist, Long Jump, Mexico City

– What is Bob Beamon’s advice for creating a Beamonesque event in your own life?

You can work towards creating a defining Beamonesque moment in your own life that mirrors the groundbreaking event of Bob Beamon’s long jump record.

Being Beamonesque requires you to stay totally in the present moment. Beamon was so in the present moment before he jumped, he could hear his own heart beat and was totally focused on the jump.

Being Beamonesque in your own life is all about rhythm, timing, what you see and what you visualize…With these things mixed together you can get incredible results.”

Bob Beamon, 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist, Long Jump, Mexico City

– What steps you can follow to create a Beamonesque event in your own life?

  1. Set Ambitious Goals: Start by setting ambitious goals for yourself. Set ambitious goals to push you way beyond your comfort zone and challenge you to reach new heights way beyond the outer limits of what you currently believe possible. Allow yourself to think without limits. Consider what you would pursue if you knew you couldn’t fail. This step is about expanding your possibilities and imagining greater potential in your own life.
  2. Mental Conditioning: Mental conditioning refers to the process of training your mind to improve performance, resilience, and overall mental toughness. Mental conditioning includes building mental focus, confidence and maintaining focus under pressure, and visualizing success. Techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive-behavioral strategies enhance your mental strength.
  3. Visualize: Visualization helps prepare your mind and body for an actual performance by creating a mental blueprint of exactly what needs to happen. Spend ten to fifteen minutes daily to mentally visualize and connect with your goals. Visualizing your goals helps you ensure their successful execution.
  4. Keep a Positive Mindset: A positive mindset includes the capability to endure psychological stress without it affecting your overall performance. Maintaining a hopeful positive outlook, includes developing optimism about final outcomes of your goals, appreciation for opportunities to achieve your final outcomes, and a constructive approach to challenges that will arise during the process.

Creating a Beamonesque event will result in extraordinary achievements and amazing positive impacts in your own life and possibly even your own new word in a dictionary.

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