A “right angle” is the intersection of two perpendicular straight lines. A right angle also corresponds to a quarter turn, one quarter of a full revolution.

Our “old reality” pre-Covid19 has intersected with our “new reality” post-Covid19 which is just coming into view. Our new reality has provided a new point of view that is at least one quarter turn away from what it was.

A “point of view” is a narrator’s position in relation to a story being told. A narrator in a story uses a set of techniques and actions through which the narrator tells his or her story.

What was your point of view in your old reality before Covid19? What techniques and actions did you use to narrate your life story? What patterns of behavior did you create with your actions and techniques?

Many of you were on “autopilot” simply repeating patterns of behavior that were deeply ingrained and very difficult to change.  You were stuck in a passive, dis-empowered state, just going with the flow. Many of you were unhappy and just existing day-to-day. Covid19 has forced you into a time-out and given you the opportunity to revaluate what is important in your life.

“As a result of Covid19, our reality, and our new normal, is a new right angle perspective.”

As you view your own life from a new right angle perspective, changing your old behavior patterns can help you live in an active, empowered state and make a positive impact in your own life moving forward.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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