Episode 116

Let me share another true story with you.

I was in Florida recently to attend the wedding of a friend.

 I was dealing with a client matter and it triggered an anger response in me. 

I don’t get angry very often, so it was an unusual energetic state for me.

So what do you think I attracted? That is correct, angry people.

The Law of Attraction, simply stated, is “like-attracts-like.”

I know many of you think the Law of Attraction is either not a real thing or something only those involved in the “woo-woo” world believe in. However, it is a real thing.

Everything in the world is energy and energy based. For example, when you are feeling angry, you attract angry people and situations that make you angry.

When you are feeling angry or some other negative emotion, how do you shift your own energy?

Do it with the acronym, ACT, A-C-T.

Shifting your emotions and energy with ACT, allows you to create positive impacts in your own life.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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