Have you ever had an intuitive insight to create something new or do something and did not act upon the intuitive insight you received?  What prevented you from taking action to bring your intuitive insight into a physical reality?

Let me share another true story with you. 

My dad passed away in 2011. 

My dad was a carpenter by trade and one of his hobbies was to make original folk art wood carvings to express his very own creativity.  He liked to carve birds and horses.  He would display some of the creations on the walls of his own house and give others away as gifts to his friends.

My dad was working on a wood working project right before he died. It was partially finished bird. It was his intuitive creative vision of a bald eagle. 

My dad was working on this eagle when he got sick, went into the hospital, transferred to hospice and then passed away. My dad’s time on this earth expired before he was able to finish this project.

What can you learn from my dad’s last unfinished project that he started based on his own intuitive insights to create a positive impact in your own life before your time may run out?

Using your own intuition and understanding the duality of your energy in your body and the duality of the non-physical and physical worlds will allow you to physically manifest things into your existence and create a positive impact in your life.

Do not let your own time run out before you do.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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