Podcast: What is Your Leadership Style?

Podcast: What is Your Leadership Style?

Just about every time I hear an interview on television by some politician, the politician starts off by saying something like “under the leadership of” or “under my leadership” here is what we are doing or trying to accomplish. 

At the same time many of the politicians also claim they “are not responsible” or “have no responsibility” for what is going on or the actions they are taking.  It makes me wonder if these politicians actually know what leadership actually means.

What is your leadership style?”  I am not asked that question often.  However, that is an easy question for me to answer. 

My leadership style has always been, “Follow Me.”


My leadership style, “Follow Me” includes having a vision, being clear, decisive, courageous, empathetic, and inspire, motivate and empower a group of people I am interacting and working with toward achieving a common goal. My “Follow Me” leadership style includes leading by example and accepting 100% responsibility for all my actions.

I believe my “Follow Me” leadership style is a process of positive social influencing, which maximizes the efforts of others in a empowering manner and does not including applying personal power over others.

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