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Let me tell you another true story.

I had a law office on South LaSalle Street in the financial district of downtown Chicago for over a decade.

South LaSalle Street is a long, straight, tunnel like street with skyscrapers on each side and with the iconic Chicago Board of Trade Building at the end.

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South LaSalle Street is an amazing street with a rich history.

If you want to experience South LaSalle Street at night, watch the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight,” directed by Christopher Nolan.  This movie included scenes filmed on South LaSalle Street in front of building I had my law office in.

Anyone who has worked or lived in a city like Chicago understands that skyscrapers can cause their own localized weather events.

I used to ride a commuter train into Chicago every morning.  It was about a six-block walk from the train station to my office on South LaSalle Street.

One summer morning I had a meeting scheduled with the CEO of a financial company in my office to discuss an important legal matter.

As I left the train, there was a thunderstorm occurring.  When I turned onto South LaSalle Street I was hit by a microburst from the thunderstorm whose effect was magnified by tunnel effect of the tall buildings.

A microburst is “a pattern of intense winds and rain that descends from rain clouds, that hits the ground, and fans out horizontally in a wave.”

The wind and rain were so strong in the microburst, in just a few seconds I was completely drenched.  Every inch of my clothes were 100% wet including my underwear and socks.  Even my shoes were filled with about an inch of water.  I looked like I had stepped in a shower with all my clothes on.

There was no way I could cancel the meeting with the CEO.

There was also no way I could sit in a meeting with my wet clothes either.

Luckily, I had workout clothes in my office as I frequently went to a local health club to work out or run at lunch.

When the CEO arrived, I was setting the conference room of my law office in my workout clothes.  She had a horrified look on her face.  This CEO has no idea what was going on.

I explained the situation, showed her the amount of water I still had in my shoes and we both had a good laugh about what happened.

The meeting went well that morning with this CEO. 

I experienced a microburst caused by a weather event on South LaSalle Street in Chicago.

You can experience a personal microburst in your own life.

A “personal microburst” is a psychological event that occurs in your own life.

A personal microburst is situation where you experience a strong, rapid, intense stressful event that causes you to be abruptly drenched and overwhelmed with negative feelings and emotions.

For example, abuse or a betrayal in a relationship, being fired from your job, a health crisis, an unexpected death of a loved one or friend, etc.

How can you weather the storm of a personal microburst that occurs in your own life?

  1. A personal microburst is a realization event.  A personal microburst provides a sudden moment of clarity, insight and realization that dramatically and instantly changes your perspective on life in a positive way when you are facing extreme adversity.  A personal microburst helps you reassess your feelings, priorities, values and boundaries and leads to a deeper understanding of what is truly important in your own life.
  2. A personal microburst is a catalyst for change. A personal microburst is a triggering event that acts as a catalyst for positive change. It motivates you to make significant changes in your life, such as ending unhealthy relationships, adopting a healthier lifestyle, learning new skills, pursuing a new career, gaining a deeper appreciation for the people remaining in your life including your family and friends, etc. It causes you to change deeply engrained behavioral patterns.
  3. A personal microburst is a transformational experience.  A personal microburst transforms you. A “transformation” is defined as “a process of profound and radical change that reorients a person into a new direction and into a new state of being.” A transformation changes the composition, character and structure of your life and defines a brand-new set of behavioral constructs for you in your daily life. You gain new emotional intelligence as you acquire a greater sense of empathy and understanding towards yourself and others.  You proceed with courage and confidence in a new hopeful, empowered state.

Weathering the storm of a personal microburst can create a significant positive impact in your own life.

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