Are you recognizing gradual change occurring in your life?

Let me tell you another true story.

The city I live in is considering closing several public grade schools, middle schools and one high-school due to declining enrollment. 

In the neighborhood I grew up in, in just one square block, there were 13 households with 37 children.

When my mom passed away, in that same one square block I grew up in, in the same 13 houses, there were just three school aged children.  Three.

The changes in my old neighborhood represent cycles of gradual change and necessary transitions.

Such cycles of gradual change and transitions are occurring in your own life. 

Gradual changes are often incremental, happening in small steps over longer periods of time. You may not recognize gradual patterns of change as they slowly occur in your own life.

How do you learn to adapt to gradual change in your own life in a positive way?

Adapting to gradual change creates a positive impact in your own life.

I have written a free e-book you can download immediately from SLesavich.com to help you adapt to gradual changes that are occurring in your life.

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