Let me tell you another true story.

I had a law office on South LaSalle Street in the financial district of downtown Chicago for over a decade.

One summer morning I had a meeting scheduled with the CEO of a financial company in my office to discuss an important legal matter.

As I walked to work, there was a thunderstorm occurring.  When I turned onto South LaSalle Street I was hit by a microburst from the thunderstorm whose effect was magnified by tunnel effect of the tall buildings.

A microburst is “a pattern of intense winds and rain that descends from rain clouds, that hits the ground, and fans out horizontally in a wave.”

The wind and rain were so strong in the microburst, in just a few seconds I was completely drenched.  Every inch of my clothes were 100% wet including my underwear and socks.  Even my shoes were filled with about an inch of water.  I looked like I had stepped in a shower with all my clothes on.

I experienced a microburst caused by a weather event on South LaSalle Street in Chicago.

You can experience a personal microburst in your own life.

A “personal microburst” is a psychological event that occurs in your own life.

A personal microburst is situation where you experience a strong, rapid, intense stressful event that causes you to be abruptly drenched and overwhelmed with negative feelings and emotions.

How can you weather the storm of a personal microburst that occurs in your own life?

Weathering the storm of a personal microburst can create a significant positive impact in your own life.

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