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How many layers of lower vibrational energy are you carrying around with you that have become your story?  If you had to describe your energy, would you say it is shiny or dull? 

For those of you who have been reading my blog and listening to my podcasts, you know I previously worked as a janitor in a bar.

I also previously worked as a janitor at a grade school.  I recently did a post on one of my experiences working as a janitor at the grade school.  Click here to read that blog post.  Here is another actual experience from working that job.

During the summer one of the biggest projects we needed to complete was to remove the wax from all the tile floors in the classrooms and in the hallways.  To remove the wax from the classrooms, we moved out all the desks, chairs, books, etc. from the classrooms.  We then used a wax stripper to remove the old wax.

By the end of school year, the old wax on the file floors in all the classrooms had a dull luster and included many scratches and gouges from the daily use during the school year by the students.

After we stripped the old wax, we applied four coats of new wax to the tile floors.  After each coat of wax applied, it was buffed with a rotary buffer.  The surface of a coat of wax is soft, so buffing it makes it stronger and less subject to scratching and gouging. 

Buffing the newly waxed surface also gives the wax a shiny luster.

A rotary buffer is not easy to use or control.  The rotary buffer pushes and pulls a user erratically in many different directions.  There are many funny videos on the Internet including people trying to use a rotary buffer.

Click here to see what can happen when you are using a floor buffer to buff a newly waxed floor.

As you encounter and endure negative experiences in your life, you collect layers of lower vibrational energy.  These layers of lower vibrational energy may include physical, mental and emotional “scratches” and “gouges.”  Negative emotions, such as fear, guilt, anger, sorrow, sadness, grief, being a victim, etc. associated with these negative experiences have caused your energy to have a “dull luster.”

How can you strip away the many old layers of lower vibrational energy, add new layers of higher vibrational energy, and return your energy to a shiny luster?

  1. Write down the details of your old story.  Take out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and write down your old story.  Many studies have shown that physically writing things on paper allows you to connect to the things better than typing them into an electronic device like your smart phone or tablet.  Include all the negative experiences, events and people you have encountered and can remember.  Also include the negative emotions you experienced and all physical, mental and emotional scratches, gouges and wounds you suffered.  The negative experiences and negative emotions are similar to the multiple old layers of wax on the tile floors in classrooms and make the luster of your energy dull instead of shiny.
  2. Strip away your old story.  There is a well known technique used by mind-body-spirit practitioners and self-help coaches that says, If you are holding onto something, you must have a “need” for it,  If you do not need it, if it no longer serves your highest good,  “release the need for it.”  If you truly desire to initiate positive change into your life, you have to release the need for holding onto and talking about your negative experiences and negative emotions that have become your old story. Releasing the “old” in your life creates space for something “new” to enter your life.  Releasing the need of holding onto your old story is similar to stripping off all the old layers of wax on the tile floors in the classrooms.
  3. Apply a new story in your life layer-by-layer.  Moving forward, apply new higher vibrational energy to your story.  Make an effort to create positive situations and events in your life and seek out positive people whenever you can  If you encounter any lower vibrational situations, events or people in your life, take a moment and observe the situation without further judgement or an immediate reaction. Then respond to such lower vibrational situations, events and people with positive emotions such as courage, joy, happiness, love, excitement, etc. and positive actions.  Responding to lower vibrational situations, events or people in your life with positive emotions and positive actions adds new layers of higher vibrational energy to your story and gives your energy a shiny luster.  This is similar to adding multiple layers of new wax to the tile floors in the classroom and buffing each new layer with the rotary buffer to make the surface of wax stronger and shiny. Even if you feel pushed or pulled in many different directions.

Applying new layers to your story with positive emotions and positive action allows you to make a positive impact in your own life and the life of others who see you as your old story.

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