Episode 115

I was recently watching an episode of Open Minds on the Gaia network where Elieen Day McKusick is being interviewed about the energy associated with the human biofield. Ms. McKusick said in that interview:

“Follow your updrafts.”

Elieen Day McKusick

If you are facing challenges in your life, you are likely trying to find solutions with your ego.

In contrast, you can create energetic updrafts in your life using your intuition to find solutions to challenges you are facing.

“Following your intuition creates energetic updrafts in your life.”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

How do you use your Intuition to create energetic updrafts in your life?

Using your Intuition to create energetic updrafts allows you to create positive impacts in your own life.

I am using my intuition to follow energetic updrafts in my own life.

How about you?

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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