Episode 94

Just like in a basketball game with a 3 point arc, in a 3 greater than 2 risk environment, your life is defined by a set of life arcs.

Your set of life arcs includes a major life arc and multiple minor life arcs.

Your major life arc and minor life arcs define a set of behavioral constructs that predict how you will react to the situations you encounter in your daily life.

Inside your major life arc is your very own two point life zone with multiple different minor life arcs. Your minor life arcs include a set of internal and external physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual boundaries. Your internal and external boundaries include rules and principles you live by, including what you will or will not, say, do or allow others to say or do to you.

One of you minor life arcs is called your comfort zone.

However, to initiate any change you desire or embrace and cope with events associated with undesired change (e.g., a, breakup, death, divorce, loss of a job, change in a living situation, etc.) you are experiencing in your own life, you must step completely outside your major life arc with both feet into your own three point life zone and take 3 is greater than 2 risk actions.

Doing so will dynamically change your internal and external boundaries of life arcs, and create a set of new rich and diverse experiences.

Only then will you experience the transitions, transformations and personal growth you truly desire and create a positive impact in your own life.

I am a 3 point shooter in my life. How about you?

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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