According to an article by Debra Shields on PubMed, the national online library of medicine, all humans have a Human Energy Field (HEF).

According to Ms. Shields, the HEF is defined as “A luminous field of energy that comprises a person, extends beyond the physical body, and is in a continuous mutual process with the environmental energy field. It is a vital energy that is a continuous whole and is recognized by its unique pattern; it is dynamic, creative, nonlinear, unpredictable, and flows in lower and higher frequencies. The balanced HEF is characterized by flow, rhythm, symmetry, and gentle vibration.”

The HEF is also called the “auric field,” “luminous energy field,” “light body,” and other names.

If the flow, rhythm, symmetry and vibration of your HEF is disrupted and includes stuck energy, you typically will have a short attentions span, have trouble sleeping, have trouble focusing, be emotional for no reason, have trouble interacting with friends and family, etc. 

If the flow, rhythm, symmetry and vibration of your HEF is disrupted in a significant way, you can even develop a physical disease.

Everything in the world is composed of energy, which is constantly in motion.

All energy has a vibrational frequency, how fast the energy is moving. Even objects that appear to be solid and stationary, like rocks and trees, are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various vibrational frequencies.  All such energy also directly affects your HEF.

The flow, rhythm, symmetry and vibration of your HEF can be disrupted in two major ways.

The first is having “energetic gunk” added to your HEF. The second is having “energetic holes” created in your HEF.

  1. Energetic Gunk

The “energetic gunk” is a thick, opaque and lower vibration energy.

The energetic gunk collects on your HEF in various spots and lowers your HEF’s frequency, vibration and affects your ability to collect and store light energy and your ability to connect to your own intuition.

A quick visual for “energetic gunk” is having your HEF looking like it was splashed with muddy water with opaque droplets of mud covering small portions of your HEF.

Energetic gunk attaches to your HEF from the negative energy of others including their negative judgements, opinions, criticisms, fears, drama, having victim energy directed towards you.

Energetic gunk also attaches to your HEF from the negative energy of the collective energy. A phenomenon I call the “car carrier effect.”  The collective energy can be magnified by a large number of people on the earth all expressing a same or similar emotion (e.g., anxiety, fear, anger, hostility, hate, division, war, etc.) all at the same time. 

You can add energetic gunk directly to your own HEF through your own lower vibrational emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, grief, etc., your own boundaries being violated by others, your previous physical, emotional and mental traumas and stresses and your current physical, emotional and mental traumas and stresses.

2. Energetic Holes

Energetic holes are created in your HEF by parasitic energy from other lower energy people, physic attack, spells, curses, black magic, the electro-magnetic fields from electronic devices such as your cell phone, tablet, computer, etc. and technology such as cell phone towers, satellites, Wi-Fi, etc., that create electro-magnetic fields, etc.

These parasitic entities actually create “holes” in your HEF via energy vortexes and portals.  These energy vortexes and portals weaken the energetic structure of your HEF.

A quick visual for “energetic holes” is having your HEF experiencing friction at certain spots over a period of time until a “hole” is worn into it.  The energetic holes weaken your whole HEF and weaken the energy connections within your HEF, the connection to your Higher Self and your intuition.

You can create energetic holes in your own HEF unintentionally by connecting with energetic entities and opening energy vortexes and portals during meditation, quiet reflection, yoga, etc. without even realizing you are doing so.

You can also create energetic holes in your own HEF from pollutants in the air, water and food in your own environment, through your own negative emotions and negative actions, your use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, etc. and interacting with people, places, circumstances or events that have a low energy vibration and frequency.

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How can you get rid of “energetic gunk” and close the “energetic holes” in your energetic field?

  1.  Change your personal habits.  Shift any negative energy patterns such feeling fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt, etc. to positive energy patterns such as feeling content, calm, relaxed, personal peace, etc.  Avoid the use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, etc.  Avoid interacting with people, places, circumstances or events that have a low energy vibration and frequency. Set aside some personal time each day for quiet reflection, meditation, taking a walk in nature, going to the gym, etc. to ground and center yourself.  Taking a salt bath, using essential oils, receiving a personal massage, etc. also help remove the energetic gunk and close energetic holes in your HEF.
  2. Change your personal environment.   Since everything is energy and has its own energy field, take a look at the objects you have in your home, your car, your workplace, etc. Remove and get rid of everything that does not make you feel energized, happy or brings you joy just to look at it.  Also take a look at all electrical objects in your environment.  These electrical objects create electro-magnetic fields.  Remove any electrical objects that are not necessary.  Do you really need a television, a laptop and your cellphone, a clock radio in your bedroom?  Changing your personal environment also helps prevent the creation of energetic gunk and the creation of new energetic holes in your HEF.
  3. Consultant an energy clearing professional.  An energy clearing professional can remove the energetic gunk and close the energetic holes from your HEF.  I just finished a one year course including an energy clearing modality to assists people with clearing energetic gunk, closing the energetic holes and removing stuck energy in their own HEF.  This energy clearing modality includes checking a light measurement of your HEF, a detailed analysis of your HEF including an analysis of your HEF in 28 separate energetic categories, 16 chakras, 12 dimensions, 6 energetic planes, your Higher Self, old and new timelines, past and present life issues, traumas, etc.  After the energy clearing is completed, an energy remediation is completed to add additional light energy to your HEF to make it stronger and allow it to function at a higher frequency and vibration to attract higher frequency and vibration people, situations and events into your own life.  If you are interested in scheduling a personal energy clearing session to clear the stuck energy in your own HEF, please contact me.

Taking care of your own HEF allows you to create a positive impact in your own life.

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