Episode 143

There is a dog named Dotty, a Dalmatian mix, that lived at the Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in the UK.

According to Anna Gragert at My Modern Met, Dotty was viewed over 10,000 times for adoption over a six-year period.  Not a single person wanted to adopt Dotty.  Not one.

Even after 10,000 rejections, you can still see the energy, the enthusiasm and the love in the face of this dog.

After 10,000 viewings and 10,000 rejections, nobody adopted Dotty.  She was called “Briton’s loneliest dog.”  Yet, Dotty never stopped wagging her tail at the kennel.

If you were rejected 10,000 times trying something, would you give up hope?

Or would you make a 10,001 attempt to try again?

How can you address rejection in your own life?

The next time you are rejected in any situation, pause, take a deep breath, smile and think about Dotty the Dalmatian that was rejected 10,000 times then adopted.

Dotty the Dalmatian ended up in a better place and so can you…Believe it.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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